Fr.411num Privacy Policy

Fr.411num – is a service that aggregates information publicly available online and helps you to find other people and connect with them.
Fr.411num searches the web in real-time for publicly available data linked to names, just in the same manner as Google, Bing or any other web search engine processes general queries.
This document describes how we treat your personal data and other information about you. If you are looking for the guidance on how to remove your Profile, log in to Fr.411num, or wondering what the general rules and restrictions when using this website are, please take a look at our Terms of Use.
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How Your Fr.411num Listing is Made
  • First offered online in 1997, phone books are now universally available to anyone with internet access.
  • Public profiles from social networks are aggregated from many sources, including search engines.
  • Online maps and street views are used by over 300,000 web sites, including most online phone books and real estate websites.
  • Marketing surveys have long provided demographic information that is widely available.

Removing Your Listing

To remove a listing from Fr.411num, please enter the URL of the profile: and your email address (for verification purposes)

( Ex: "" )
To complete this process we will send you a confirmation link